We transform data-driven organisations

This work was instrumental in how we think about data and trust.
— Oliver Smith, Strategy Director at Telefónica Alpha Health

Who we've worked with

Over the years we've advised governments, Fortune 500's, venture backed startups and non-profits. We've designed principles, frameworks, products, services and business models all around the world.

Our work has positively impacted people and balance sheets.



What we do

We conduct research, design experiences and strategically advise business leaders. From first insight through to execution, we're there to help you enter new markets, transform customer propositions and optimise unit economics.



Who we are

>X operates as a distributed network of leading thinkers and doers from (almost) every corner of the globe. This model enables us to work with the people best suited to tackle the problems and opportunities that matter most.

What brings us together is a series of beliefs about how people and their data should be treated. Right now we're in growth mode.


The best relationships take time to build. Having said that, there really is no time like the present.

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