We increase data trust for the world’s leading brands

This work was instrumental in how we think about data and trust.
— Oliver Smith, Strategy Director at Telefónica Alpha Health

Who we've worked with

Working across industries and geographies, we've helped leading organisations evolve how they approach customer data strategy, data sharing and data-driven product design.

Our work has positively impacted people and balance sheets.

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What we do

We help brands evolve their culture, workflows and practices in such a way they’re able to systematically release inherently trustworthy, data-driven products and services to their customers.

Through strong data ethics, Privacy and Security by Design and the application of Data Trust by Design, we help make data trust a competitive advantage.

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Who we are

>X is a distributed network of leading practitioners from (almost) every corner of the globe. What brings us together is a series of beliefs about how people and their data should be treated.

Right now we're in growth mode!


The best relationships take time to build. Having said that, there really is no time like the present.

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