At Greater Than X, trustworthy and data processing go hand in hand. This is us practicing what we preach.

Below are all the details you need to make an informed choice about consenting to receive email updates from us.

Why we’d like to process your data?

So we can share insights from our work at the intersection of data ethics, privacy and design.

Are we making automated decisions?

No we are not. In fact, we’re pretty clear about that in our privacy notice. Check it out!

What data are we asking for?

Just your email. We don’t need to know your name to send you insights. Data minimisation…

Are we relying on third party services?

Yes we are. In this case we’re using GSuite. Our Founder and CEO, Nathan Kinch, will be sending the fortnightly emails directly.
There’s more info on the tools we use and the data we process in our privacy notice. It reads at a Grade 5 level, so no need to shy away.

Who is the data controller?

The organisation deciding how this data is used is Voir Tous Investments Pty Ltd. We trade as ‘Greater Than X’.
You can contact us direct on

How do I change my mind?

At the bottom of every email we send there will be an unsubscribe link. Click it.
We won’t then ask you any annoying questions about why you’re unsubscribing. It’ll just happen!