Data Trust by Design

Data Trust by Design

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Trust is at an all time low. People are gaining more control of their data. In fact, they’re taking actions to protect their privacy and security. All whilst global regulatory landscapes are becoming more progressive.

Because of this, organisations are struggling. They’re actively searching for ways to competitively differentiate. Most aren’t doing a great job.

Data Trust by Design (DTbD) is helping solve this problem. It’s consistently resulting in;

  1. Customer comprehension of agreements increasing by 60%

  2. Time to Comprehension decreasing by 10x, and

  3. An 8x increase in people’s willingness to share data

The proven toolkit in this playbook will help you lead from the front. DTbD will help you earn customer trust (and be worthy of it), by design.

We’re excited to support you on this journey. Let’s get started designing for trust together.

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