Data Trust by Design: The Program

A hands on program for cross-functional teams tackling shifting attitudes and behaviour, evolving regulatory landscapes and rapid technological change. 


Market Trajectory

The DTbD program kicks off with a collaborative market trajectory assessment. Here we'll work with your team to develop a clear perspective of the shifting attitudes and behaviours, regulatory environments and technological trends impacting your current business model.

When it comes to data trust, there’s a heap of complexity and nuance. You’ve got to establish a clear view, get people bought in and progressively build upon that foundation. >X can help make this happen quickly.
— Tony Wu, CEO at WePloy

Know Your Customer

We then focus on getting closer to your existing (and potential) customers.

We'll dive deep into their jobs to be done, the forces motivating and limiting their propensity to change, and look specifically at how we can inform, empower and support your customers in making valuable choices about how their information is (and isn't) used.

Cultivating trust is the core responsibility for our next generation of designers. If you don’t have trust, you don’t have customers - and without customers, you don’t have a company.
— Raffaela Rein, CEO, CareerFoundry

Designing for Trust

After diving deep into the forces motivating and inhibiting your customers from making progress, and framing a series of hypotheses, we'll engage in three distinct design activities that help us design and validate high data trust products and services.

This isn't just a 'design' thing. We'll be working with multiple stakeholder groups to produce output that positively impacts your customers and business.  

Building trust by design affects all parts of the organization: from product and strategy to legal and engineering. >X was critical in helping us to bring in the right people at the right time, and create the right foundation for cross-functional working going forward.
— Emily Stott, Go-to-Market Manager at Telefónica Alpha Health

Today, data trust is a competitive advantage. We can help make it yours.