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Data Transparency Lab's Annual Conference

Back in 2011 the World Economic Forum asserted that personal data had become a new class. Yet to unlock the value potential of this asset class, a trust-based ecosystem had to flourish.

It’s now 2018 and this trust-based ecosystem remains illusive. However, some progress has been made. Regulation is evolving. Startups and large organisations are evolving their approaches. People are moving closer to the center of this data ecosystem – their data ecosystem. Platforms such as Mes Infos or Yoti allow users to manage their data and control them.

This panel discussion is focused directly on the role data transparency has in establishing and scaling the trust-based ecosystem many of us envisage. Leading thinkers from around the world will discuss how they are tackling today’s challenges in the hope of shaping a valuable, meaningful and engaging future for both people and organisations all around the world.


Value creation from data transparency for users and companies


Nathan Kinch – Founding partner of >X

Manish Bahl – Senior Director, Center for the Future of Work at Cognizant Technology Solutions
James Harvey – Product designer, Ascential
Valérie Peugeot – Digital Studies Researcher, Orange Labs