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Seoul Design Jam @ Facebook

Philipp will present insights from our Data Trust by Design and Trust Economy work to a group of designers, engineers, policy makers and entrepreneurs.

The context

The Seoul Design Jam will take a new approach to find solutions for and address the issues of data education and awareness to help startups thrive in the digital ecosystem.

For over 10 years, policymakers, data protection authorities and industry representatives have debated how best to provide information, education and control to people about their personal data. The tools that we have all relied on to inform people about their data and choices have not kept pace with technology.

Industry and startups share a challenge with regulators and policymakers in finding appropriate ways within services to communicate to users how their data is used in a way that doesn't disrupt their experience; one that clarifies their understanding of how their data is used so that they can make meaningful and well informed choices.

Startups are inheriting the current environment in response to recent developments around privacy and data while also leading change in this area. One of the best ways to build trust is to encourage the growth of startups who understand that by putting people in control of their data, they can build more successful businesses and unlock greater value. This motivation creates a win-win: the creation of compelling new services, value and jobs, while also building and enhancing people's trust and confidence in these data-driven services.

The challenge

We know that different people understand and access digital services differently, and that they have different expectations and design requirements. Therefore, the best designs start with an understanding of people: in the case of data, how they prefer to understand and interact with it.

A design-centered approach starts by building solutions that work for the people they are trying to serve. It could mean new user interfaces or user experience templates.

At the Seoul Design Jam, diverse experts will work together over the course of a day to create new and innovative designs that give people education and awareness about how their data is used while also providing a great user experience.