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Our team is a collective of leading thinkers and doers. Together we bring ethical, empowering and profitable data-driven propositions to life for some of the brightest teams within the most progressive global organisations.  

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Nathan Kinch

Co-founder and Partner

I spent most of my early life trying to hit a static, dimply ball into a hole. I also spent years getting punched in the face. Unfortunately an injury, funnily enough from the former, ended all of that. Post my sporting demise, with zero know how and just enough ambition, I quickly went on to start a sports tech company. I've since led projects for major brands all around the world, and in doing so, progressively developed a body of IP that's beginning to change the way we design the experiences people have with data. 

Also, I quite enjoy coffee. Shall we?

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Philipp Kristian Diekhöner

Co-founder and Partner

I believe more trust and innovation in business benefits everyone. My book, The Trust Economy, explains how technology is transforming trust, why companies need a trust strategy to succeed in the digital age and how to go about this in a structured manner. I had the chance to shape the Asia innovation efforts of several Fortune 500s, deliver the goods on 8-figure transformational consulting work streams, help create Singapore’s new digital telco Circles.Life and contribute ideas to Forbes, Esquire and Economist Intelligence Unit. Most of my expertise centres around Asia and its regional startup ecosystems. I’ve been named a St. Gallen Symposium Leader Tomorrow, WEF Global Shaper and KAIROS Fellow.

In my free time, I organise DrinkEntrepreneurs Singapore and am a sailor and yogi. 


Bianca Kinch

Co-founder,Ops and Team Experience

Early in life I was an elite sprinter. I then studied Wildlife Science. I've since gone on to manage a café, sell people stuff over the phone, train people to sell stuff over the phone, run an early-stage non-profit and design experiences for huge global brands.

Now I spend most of my time helping people have a great experience with our brand, whilst making sure things run (basically) as they should.


Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D

Advisor, Privacy and Security by Design (PSbD)

I'm a psychologist by trade and have spent most of my career championing progressive and actionable approaches to privacy and security.

Whilst Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada I developed Privacy by Design (PbD). Its success has been absolutely humbling. However, we still have a long way to go to take these approaches, embed them into projects right from the beginning and use them to create new and unique value for people and businesses around the world. There's no time like the present!

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Timen Baart

Advisor, Growth

I’m passionate about achieving growth through data-driven decision making. I've come to believe that data trust is one of the key ingredients. This approach led me to build three startups, one of which our team exited successfully.

Along the way I've studied how companies innovate, assisting technology leaders in my roles at Gartner, and helping companies to gain their clients’ trust at LinkedIn. 


Bryn Robinson-Morgan

Advisor, Digital Identity

I've worked at the forefront of digital transformation and technology enabled innovation for the last 15 years. I've also been a key influencer for how people transact and interact with other people, organisations and connected things through the launch of citizen digital identity services with two of the UK’s leading brands. 

I publish my thoughts extensively, and speak on them regularly - sharing my experiences and the lessons learnt along the way. I love to debate new ideas, and ways of thinking about problems to be solved... my favourite outcome being violent agreement.


Manish Bahl

Advisor, Digital Transformation and Trust

Working with the big and small end of town, I've got over 16 years experience in strategic advisory, research, operations and planning. I’ve helped companies create new markets, build relationships with C-level executives, develop brand strategy and positioning, and grow their businesses at greater than 50% YoY.

I've frequently featured in leading publications and speak at events all around the world about the business value of trust and other digital economy imperatives.


James Harvey

Associate, Data Trust by Design

I've been designing as long as I can remember. Over time data has become more and more important. How we think about it, how we design for it and how we design with it. I've now spent a number of years focusing on this intersection through personal data and digital identity propositions. 

I've built and led teams, developed design systems, orchestrated re-brand's and worked the entire design stack. When I'm not at work I have a real life too.


Victor Jakobsson

Associate, Research and Experience Design

After studying international relations I began my journey into Research and Experience Design. This field draws on my interest in behaviour, market forces and the way new products and services help us get things done in life.

After being introduced to DTbD at an event in Melbourne I started diving deep into the principles, patterns and practices. It's exciting to be out there applying them; helping brands evolve the way they think and act in the process.

Alex HB.png

Alex Humphrey-Baker

Associate, Cognitive Design and Strategy

Hi! By day I’m an award-winning Product and Service designer working to simplify complex systems. With a background in both startup and agency design, I now work as a Principal Design Consultant helping purpose-led brands find market fit and build products that better connect people and technology. I’m at my best when working in multidisciplinary teams and I am passionate about bringing design strategy to the top table.

I also enjoy speaking and writing about my field with the ultimate aim of encouraging diversity in Tech & Design. By night (and absurdly early mornings), I am the host and founder of Edinburgh CreativeMornings, a monthly volunteer-led, sell out event where between 75 - 90 fresh-faced attendees show up at the crack of dawn to take part. 

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Mat Mytka

Associate, Data Products

I was a construction foreman at the ripe old age of 19 and a state bodyboarding champion at 35. My diverse career spanning construction, documentary film, education, marketing, design and product management has enabled a broad skill set and unique perspective. As a mature age student at uni I developed an interest in and passion for privacy rights, personal data and digital self sovereignty. A decade on this has only been amplified as the power imbalances in our digital world make these areas even more relevant.

When I'm not raising the bar for data products and bringing the best out of people and their practices, I'm either at home enjoying a cup of tea with my young family or shredding waves at my local.


Ellen Broad

Advisor, Data Ethics, Policy and Strategy

I’m a data policy wonk and data tinkerer, who moved back to Australia in September 2016 after working in London, the Hague and Paris.

While in the UK I was Head of Policy for the Open Data Institute. I also worked for senior UK government minister Elisabeth Truss as her expert adviser on data.

I like science fiction films, board games and pop music and I like incorporating these into data-related work wherever I can. I even co-designed a board game about open data with Jeni Tennison that’s been picked up in 19 countries.

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Howard Elsey

Associate, Payments and Privacy

My long career has seen me looking at an organisations’ products and service delivery, innovation process, payments strategy and data privacy.  Regulation - such as GDPR and PSD2 is bringing demand for that experience all together. My approach is a pragmatic one; the aim to build good foundations for growth and to roll the sleeves up, think it through, get to the proposition, aim correctly and go do it.

When I'm not earning my living I like to indulge myself in cars, good food and good company.


Earning, sustaining and benfitting from customer trust starts with your people. Ours are here to make this happen for you.

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