Trust(worthiness) wins the market

We’ll help you develop the strategy, execute the tactics and deploy the measurements that increase trust and maximise value.



Trust is at an all time low. People are gaining more control of their data. Global regulatory landscapes are shifting. Organisations are actively searching for ways to competitively differentiate. Few are doing a good job. They’re missing out on the bottom line impact of trust.

We work with progressive business leaders to develop strategy, tactics and measurements that increase trust and maximise value.

The digital economy is evolving rapidly. Who and how we trust is changing. To take action, you need a clear perspective and actionable framework.

>X can help make this happen quickly.
— Tony Wu, CEO at WePloy

Data Ethics

Data Ethics, is a new branch of ethics studies.

A Data Ethics Framework defines the consistent process executed to decide, document and verify how an organisations data processing activities are socially preferable.

But this isn’t easy. It forces the hardest questions. We can help you navigate the complexity and make meaningful progress quickly. This is how doing what is right becomes good for business.

All modern data enabled organisations are quickly realising how important data ethics is. But high level principles and feel good statements are not enough. Data ethics need to be translated into meaningful action. Greater Than Experience is one of the few organisations that has the capability to support enterprises in taking action and making progress.
— David Watts, former Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection, Victorian Govt.

Trust by Design

The organisations closest to their customers will win their market. These relationships have to be earned. They have to be designed.

Through our Data Trust by Design framework we help our clients operationalise practices and outputs that consistently earn greater customer trust. As a result they’re gaining access to more of the right data.

This is their defensible competitive advantage in the modern information economy.

Our work with Greater Than X has been critical in ensuring we design data led value exchanges in a structured and considered manner, enabling us to deliver a customer experience far superior to anything the market has seen before. They’ve helped us tackle this complex and difficult task with immense skill and inspiring leadership.
— Chris Maccan, Executive Manager, Commercialisation at Suncorp

Today, data trust is a competitive advantage. We can help make it yours.