Designing a trustworthy moonshot

Can you imagine a future where your individual health and happiness is tied to our collective wellbeing? Telefónica Alpha has and they needed data trust to make it happen.

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This intensive six weeks of work was instrumental in myself and the team moving beyond the current paradigm of how business and government thinks about data and trust.
— Oliver Smith, Strategy Director at Telefónica Alpha Health


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Data Trust by Design

Data Trust by Design is about operationalising trust. It’s helping the organisations we work with;

  1. Increase comprehension by >60%

  2. Decrease time to comprehension by >10x, and

  3. Increase propensity to share by 8x

As an industry we need to develop new design patterns for customer data sharing. This work is at the absolute forefront of that effort.
— Tony Wu, CEO at WePloy



Our take to work playbook

Consumer trust is at an all time low. Data breaches are on the rise. Regulations are threatening the very existence of leading digital business models. Change is coming thick and fast.

This practical playbook is a zero to one guide for organisations looking to close the trust gap, create new customer value and competitively differentiate in their marketplace.

This playbook showcases leading thinking and practical approaches to data transparency and trust design. Use it as a springboard to evolve your product design and development process. Never stop striving to create new and unique value for your customers.
— Ramzi Yakob, Head of Digital Strategy at Aviva

50% of consumers are willing to pay a premium to the brands they trust most. Want to know more about how this applies to you? 

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